Politics Finally Makes Compelling TV

Well, there's no doubt that you can forget the climax of the football and rugby seasons - it has nothing on political aftermath of the election in the UK. The to and fro-ing has brought the media to breaking point and has been scary in how fast it has revealed party allegiances and made TV news totter.

Now, we all know Alastair Campbell to be amongst the most shady and obnoxious of operators, the behind the scenes Director of all things New Labour, he is pretty much universally loathed, but to see him destroy the career of a formerly respected leading political correspondent live on air was something to behold. It also betrayed the tensions within the Murdoch media empire as it tries to come to terms with not being able to manipulate an electorate into voting in its preferred direction ('it weren't the Sun wot won it - but, er... it won't the Sun wot lost it eifer..'). On top of the hysterical partisanship of his dreadful newspapers, Murdoch has turned Sky News, where Adam Boulton was the leading political correspondent, into Fox News. This may cost him dearly.

Meanwhile, on the BBC, which has been tetchily Tory throughout this election, perhaps over-compensating for its usual leftist tendencies, Nick Robinson has just gone to the right of Attila the Hun. He plays the 'devil's advocate' role rather too well when there are LabDems around. Perhaps he's hoping for a role in the Cabinet, no Shadow Cabinet, no Cabinet...

Meanwhile, my latest two screen behaviour is to watch the news coverage with Monitter tuned to keywords like #ge2010 and #gordonbrown. The bile and stupidity is tempered by some very funny comments that may hark an end for comedy on TV, usurped by comedy about tv:

"when I voted, it was for a hung parliament, now I'm concerned about how long it's taking to hang them..."

"David and Ed Milliband running for Labour leadership perhaps - can we now call them 'Dedward' ?"

Meanwhile, PM Brown went. Ironically, on the day where the Europeans finally adopted his policy of extreme force against the hedge funds and speculators in order to take these obnoxious parasites out of the market...

What sport! And I don't even need to pay Murdoch a Sky Sports subscription to enjoy it!