The Rights Have It

When it comes to delivering content over IP there is one great big fat elephant in the room which everyone seems to manage to ignore and that's rights management.

A year and a half ago I invested into a company called Rights Tracker and took on the role of Non-executive Chairman. The company has since picked up most of the leading production and distribution companies in the UK as its clients, with some overseas customers also.

Today I'm delighted to be joined by my former Narrowstep colleague, Michal Stanislawek, who went on to become Chief Software Architect at KIT Digital. He'll be looking after the Rights Tracker technology as we move forward to open out the platform to offer rights management capability to all internet enabled systems.

TV Everywhere will also be increasing its investment in the company as part of a new fundraising round including the existing venture backers and bringing in some new heavyweight industry investors.

Online, automated rights clearance is now the holy grail for the content industry and it's going to be an exciting year tackling this neglected subject and evangalising to the industry (you have been warned!).