Why Facebook Controls TV (Without Knowing It)

I committed Facebook suicide over a year ago, but it was in vain, through necessity and persistent friends it seemed that my old login never went away (despite individually deleting 400 'friends' and going through the hell of getting an account closed down back then), and is now live again with a forgotten ragbag of exes from life .

The Japanese apparently make a distinction between seppuku and hara kiri, the former being honourable suicide and the latter being dishonourable suicide (or will my Japanese readers correct me?).

So, anyone considering joining the Facebook Suicide day next week needs to understand the difference.

As it stands, Facebook is probably the most powerful company on earth. Google is fast fading as Facebook becomes the de facto network intertwined in people's lives. Technologies like SMS, IM and emails are disappearing as Facebook becomes the de facto communication medium.

I've seen it drive extraordinary traffic to internet TV sites, and it is now one of the biggest video hosting sites.

Content was king, technology was king, now discovery is king, and Facebook is Richard the Lionheart in our new TV world. Sod, Google TV, what's Facebook TV going to look like ?