TV Not So Everywhere

I might have named it, but we're a very long way away from the concept I termed 'tv everywhere' back in 2002, which has subsequently been hijacked by media execs the world over (quite flattering that, but royalties would be nicer...).

Tomorrow I'll be at lunch with friends whilst Wales are playing South Africa. The trouble is that no broadcaster is showing this in England, so I can't record it. Oh no.

Likewise, I often look at my catchup schedule and wish I could record the programmes, like I could have done when they were live; but the world doesn't work that way. When they were live I could have recorded them and kept them for years. When they're on catch up I have to be quick and fleeting in my consumption.

And, since I'm a Virgin customer I get passed the dregs from Sky - no HD, no red button, no Sky Anywhere (OK, there's a deal been announced on HD and the online service doesn't work anyway).

Tv everywhere, er, no, Not quite yet...