It's Just Not TV Everywhere

When the US TV industry hijacked the term I conceived - TV Everywhere - to describe their quad play ambitions, it was a travesty of a liberal concept.

TV Everywhere is about making all content available at all times to all viewers - provided they meet the commercial terms for receiving that content.

The Comcast/Time Warner version means making their rights available on multiple device at the same time - a tiny subset of this both in terms of content and delivery. Companies like Sky in the UK are selling a mockery of this by differentiating against viewers on different platforms.

I do hope that we can claim back the moniker and use it to describe what viewers want to consume, not what TV execs want to sell.

It does beg the question - why do we now need these broadcasters and service providers when all of this stuff could be made directly available over the internet ? Content could potentially be so much cheaper if we cut out all the levels of middle men.

But the US media men are masters of strategy and they created Hulu as an insurance policy.

Still, it's TV Wherewehavetherightsanddecideyoucanviewit, not TV Everywhere.