The Real Stars Of The Show

In the supermarket this afternoon I passed a pile of Danish beer with the faces of the English soccer manager and team on them languishing unsold even at knock down prices.

The FIFA World Cup is, apparently, the biggest show on earth (more valuable and more viewed than the Olympics).

This evening I've watched a bunch of people in coloured shorts pointlessly kicking a ball to each other. Talk about hype over substance.

What has been forgotten is how brilliant the coverage of this travesty of sport has been. The performance off the field has made that on the field look even more pathetic.

So, congratulations to the cameramen, the sound teams and the vision mixers who have brought us great images against the flow of play.

Right, I'm off to watch some CSI for the rest of the evening. I might switch back for the penalties later.

So, football 0, octopus 1. Nice result.