The Expendables for free ?

In 2005 the Motion Picture Association of America estimated it had lost $6.1 billion to Piracy (perhaps an augur of the current problems at MGM) and the British Phonographic Industry indicated that between 2001 and 2012 it had lost £1.2 billion to the Pirates. That is even more than the NHS spends on management consultants.

Given my interest in action movies (particularly with helicopter gunships) I figured a trip to the cinema was in order to watch those giants of the screen roll back the years. Given my interest in online piracy I was also keen to see if the studios were across the Piracy issue. Not at all - a very brief (2 sec) Google search shows a massive range of options for free download. Given my advancing years I will be paying to watch but that is far less true for anyone under 25.

The numbers above for piracy will be going up exponentially - maybe the studios should send in Arnie ?