Take A Tablet, TV

As Samsung launches the Tab, its take on the iPad, expect a slew of these devices between now and Christmas. And this version (I presume) supports Flash video.

I fully expect tablets to totally change the way TV is viewed. Already, the second screen has gone from the Jones household to be replaced by the iPad and TVCatchup's excellent iPad service (long may it continue in the face of hostility from the broadcasters). It's unfortunate that the other broadcasters haven't bothered very much with the device so far and cling to their oh so teeny, cluttered, impossible to navigate interfaces (BBC's Bigscreen is somewhat easier to use).

So, those of us involved in the TV industry need to think of what we deliver to kids watching telly in their bedrooms (and messaging their mates down the street at the same time) on a tablet, or even those strange people who will watch one show on their tablet and another on the big screen in the living room.

Then there's the scope for Veezines - a different kind of immersive video experience. Some apps such as Wired magazine, the FT and ThomsonReuters have already made a great job of combining video, text and pictures into a Veezine(TM). A more personal, interactive experience also bring with it different commercial opportunities.

It's not going to spark a revolution, but it is going to drive the evolution of television consumption as we know it.