This Should Be The News Of The World..

What a cabal the UK media is. They barely touch the massive scandal that is Rupert Murdoch blatantly breaking every privacy and data protection law in the country.

It got a far as jailing a menial reporter, and now threatens a senior Tory, but will the shit rise to touch Murdoch ? Somehow I suspect not. But let's get this right, his company has done to privacy what BP did to the Gulf of Mexico. Now, let's talk about accountability.

Can you image if someone as obnoxious as a senior banker presided over a company whose employees routinely hacked into bank accounts ?

And, the UK media industry being what it is, few journalists will take this on, since beyond the 'Dirty Digger' and the BBC there are no longer any other career paths left thanks to OFCOM and Government complacency. So no one will investigate and challenge this beyond a few bloggers.

Surely this is time to revisit the laws regulating the UK media industry and base them on good, old fashioned monopoly principles, not on this media or the other media, and to sort out the three biggest threats to our country today: the BBC, NewsCorp and Google.

By any definitions all three of these organizations are monopolies that Jeremy Hunt should be dealing with, not cozying up to...