Canvas Paints A New Picture

Interesting new reaches me from camp Canvas, now also known as YouView.

It seems that the majority of the participants now regard this as a way of using BBC money to promote their services. Essentially, the technical side is going by the wayside and the thinking is that this is basically an anti-Sky cartel that will band together marketing budgets to take on the satellite juggernaut.

You could argue that this is no bad thing, considering that BSkyB reportedly spend a staggering £1.2bn a year on marketing.

The problem is that the market remains an oligopoly where only companies with deep pockets can play. The market is inefficient and has become monopolistic. The best technology cannot compete with the deepest pockets. Indeed, technology is the looser in all of this.

So, for once, I'm in favour of YouView and some kind of plurality in the UK broadcast market.