DVD Sales Fall Off A Cliff

This week Disney admitted that sales of the Toy Story 3 DVD had fallen off a cliff. It's clear that physical delivery of music, books and video programming is fast becoming a thing of the past. Clearly I'm going to have to buy some vases to fill up those bookshelves.

This does beg a few questions - how do you send gifts? What do you do with those existing physical entities ? What are charity shops going to do ? How do you justify producing content in an age of ubiquitous piracy ?

We're beginning to see an age where the concept of a schedule or EPG will be an anachronism. Collections or libraries will be more prevalent, and protect these will be a priority.

But content is expensive to produce and won't be produced at all if you don't protect the rights holders and enable them to earn money for their trade.

The answer? Well, watch is space...