The Elephant In The Room

The Government in the UK recently announced that cybercrime was now at the top of security concerns, higher than the risk of terrorism or war.

Now, this is all very sensible, but surely we're totally forgetting the main security threat against us and the reason for the last two wars we fought/ are fighting ?

Equally, in the internet industry, everyone is preoccupied by bandwidth provision when the greatest threat to our data provision is something else totally.

It causes our food to be more expensive, adds immeasurably to inflation and is particularly skewed against those living in rural areas.

So, when is energy security going to become the biggest policy concern of those who rule over us ?

Data centers are running out of power. It's no coincidence that Google has applied for a licence to generate its own energy - it uses more energy to deliver bits and bytes than the largest international metals company does in producing steel.

As ever, those who rule over us are answering short term questions with short term answers.