Let's Ditch The Eurocrats

The EU was always a bit of a speculation, and as the model has become increasingly federalist it is unravelling at an unbelievable pace.

Overall, the EU is now making a highly negative contribution to the media industry, in my opinion.

Allowing some countries to have 12% corporate tax, when others have 40% is ludicrous - Ireland is more than willing to tax its people into the Atlantic, but will give massive tax breaks to companies like Microsoft, Dell and Google. The first thing you need before a single currency is tax (and pension) harmony. To have a 'single market' in some things but not in others is total madness.

Secondly, the Brussels/Strasbourg gravy train need to be brought to account. The Lisbon Treaty was the worst exercise in democracy since Genghis Khan imposed his unique diplomacy on the peoples of Asia and any organisation that has had its accounts qualified for the past decade should be avoided like the plague, in my opinion.

Thirdly, the ineffectiveness of the EU in dealing with Google, Facebook and more established monopolies is devastating to local businesses in Europe. America is a country of monopolies, but the UK should not blindly follow this model. Certainly, 'the cloud' is global, but industries like television are very highly regulated for incumbents, but companies like Google are not regulated at all and piracy is allowed to go totally unchecked. Indeed, I would argue that the EU encourages US companies to facilitate piracy - Pirate Bay was a joke besides what Google has done to copyright.

By over-expansion and naivety, the European federalist model hasn't just failed, but is in danger now of creating real conflict. It encourages institutional corruption and crime. It has benefited American big business and trampled on local small business and innovation in its own economic zone to provide jobs for plutocrats.

It's time that the European federalist experiment was brought to an end.