Turkeys Vote For Christmas

I remember talking to a senior Fox TV exec about what works on TV - especially on 'narrowcast' TV - and there was one subject that always made the ratings - Adolf Hitler.

Hitler TV is big business and I have to admit that I am a consumer. One major unanswered question in my life is 'how can a country full of such logical and rational people as the Germans become the aberration that was the' Third Reich' ?

Now I am watching the same phenomenon happening in the US. Egged on by a TV anchor (how come the US needs proper unbiased reporting in print, but not in TV ?), the tea party movement has unleashed the great uneducated. People who believe that a mosque in Manhattan should be banned whilst upholding a Constitution that holds freedom of religion as sacrosanct. A movement of people who believe that healthcare should be limited to the people who can afford it, but consider themselves Christian.

People who believe that they are independent, when all they are doing is supporting big finance, and Rupert Murdoch in particular.

So, you independent minded Americans breathing God's own air, just think. Think a little. Oh, OK, forget it, you're incapable of thinking, you're just capable of believing. And that's what created the Tea Party movement, and, as I now realise, it's what enabled the Nazis to gain power in Germany in the 1930s.