What Can't Be Told

Readers of this blog might feel that it gives them an insight on the world of delivering TV over IP, but the reality is that I know an awful lot more than I an able to tell.

In the past, when I was the Chair of independent producers Telesgop for example, I was accused by the BBC, one of their major benefactors, of dissing them, and this was absolutely true. A true dichotomy. Now, at least I can write about the total monopoly that the BBC has become, especially in areas such as Wales.

And Jeremy Hunt, the new Culture Secretary has proven to be as ineffective as his predecessors. His pathetic, 60 second review of the BBC has resulted in the UK having a continuing media landscape that is impossible for new entrants and his ongoing support for Google and NewsCorp/BSkyB is basically an implicit support for having total monopolies in the internet and TV in the UK.

Get your act together, Jeremy...