The Business Of Sport

There is nothing more depressing than the business of sport.

Men in blazers playing god and politics are, perhaps, ridiculous when it's a local cricket or rugby club, but gets more sinister at higher levels.

But the hypocrisy of politicians in trying to use sport for their own ends is no less depressing, nor is the way that sport is used to build effective television monopolies.

I personally believe that FIFA selected the right locations for the next two World Cups, especially in terms of developing the game, but I still fail to see the fascination with this dull, dull sport that attracts thugs all over the world - with Russia having its own unique brand of hooligan, it should be added.

And the gall of David Cameron turning up and showing pictures of kids and using words like 'legacy' the day after he had to make a U-turn on funding sports in schools is breathtaking. The UK got the Olympics on the back of that same word 'legacy', but I can't help thinking that the tens of billions would be better spent on school playing fields and, god forbid, developing enough able players to enable England to one day win the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the many other sports that command smaller audiences are tucked away on our channels with little or no interest from politicians, thankfully.

So, who's up for bidding for the 2020 World Tiddlywinks Championships because I'm considering buying the broadcast rights....