The Information Gap

Most of Europe and north America has encountered extreme weather recently, with huge disruption to travel plans before the Christmas season. And there is one recurring theme, in these days of instant, always on technology - how bad the communication has been.

Today I travelled up a perilous M1 to North Wales and could fine little or no useful travel information anywhere except for Twitter. The Highways Agency's website is a total joke, and does not even have a mobile version (duh!). The BBC tells you to check their websites, where the information is up to 12 hours out of date, and even then is scant.

No one seems to know what is working, running or taking off. In an age of immediate communications this is appalling and people will not put up with it. not only is the travel industry trashing it's already poor reputation, but the Government, public agencies and broadcaster are making fools of themselves as Twitter takes over.