Is BBC DG Looking For A Job With Murdoch ?

So, is Mark Thompson, the Director General of the BBC lining himself up for a job with Murdoch?

Call me cynical, but I can't imagine what else was behind his extraordinary call to allow opinionated and politically driven television coverage in the UK of the type found in the US.

The trouble with politically motivated news, as has been seen with NewsCorp's Fox News, is that it is an arms race to the lowest common denominator. Americans take extreme right wing views now as, quite literally, read. It is having a devastating effect on the US and has resulted in a polarisation of political consensus.

Meanwhile in the UK politics have become far more consensual, but can you image a protelysing BNP, EDL or even extremist Islamic channel ?

We already have enough rubbish and opinion passing as news delivered to us daily in newspapers without giving Murdoch et all carte blanche to make their obnoxious world view dominant on our TV screens.

But, back to the subtext: is this Thompson writing his CV, or is it a sneaky attempt to put the BBC on a pedestal as Jeremy Hunt pushes through plans for a regional network of local TV providers ? Something that the BBC used every dirty trick in the book against when an initiative of this kind was set up in Wales.

I think, in the interest of impartiality, we should be told.