Mininova pays out - the previous starting point for those looking to download illegal torrent content online has recently agreed to pay an undisclosed sum for copyright infringement.

A couple of points of interest here;

1. Contrary to the suggestions of many of the ISP's they have been able to filter content and distinguish between copyright infringing material and other material.

2. Once they had been compelled to removed infringing material (99.3% of all torrents were removed) traffic dropped by 66% in a few days and daily downloads fell by over 95%.

The move for UK ISP's to filter for pornography is a good step - hopefully the next step will require ISP's to police their networks in a more general sense. As James Gianopulos, Co-Chairman of of 20th Century Fox pointed out in 2003, "We can't compete with free. That's an economic paradigm that doesn't work."