Net Falibility

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the web in the UK has been a bit slow over the past few days.

Initially I thought it was my connection, but, no. My sites are speedy and the VidZapper Neworks is as fast as ever. Video serving works just fine.

But LinkedIn and Facebook and even Google are crawling.

Why ?

Well, it seems that around half of all workers decided to work from home over the past couple of days and that has put a huge pressure on the mainstream websites since domestic connections are, pro rata, far more bandwidth hogging than corporate bandwidth.. A company might have 30Mbps for a thousand employees, but I have 50Mbps at home...

An even worse problem is that energy is now in short supply.

The corporate web is a difficult place with employees literally stealing bandwidth, largely to the benefit of Google and Facebook.

Perhaps they should work out some reserve billing for the time and resources they commit to making money for Facebook ?

In my opinion any company not blocking Facebook is utterly mad.

Ironically, in this cold snap in the UK, it seems that people use it LESS when 'working from home'.

That's a lot of unnecessary desks and real estate..