Skype + TV = ?

Skype has been busy in the video market, and its acquisition of mobile video company Qik for a reported $100m is a breathtaking leap considering that Skype's founders started Joost and already have a good grasp on PC video conferencing.

Perhaps it shows two things:

1) How different the apps market is to Web 2.0
2) How different video on mobile is to video on the web

Equally, Skype's move onto TVs as an app shows the potential for Skype to own the social television space.

Recent high profile outages notwithstanding, Skype is an excellent product that has replaced paid for products such as Cisco's GotToMeeting on my desktop and its future will be determined by how much landgrab it can achieve (especially in the US where it is far from ubiquitous) before Facebook inevitably launches a telephony model.