YouView Delayed Again ?

When a technology story makes the pages of The Daily Mail, you tend to sit up. The UK newspaper has reported that further delays are ahead for the already much-delayed YouView project, and furthermore states that there is considerably bickering behind the scenes.

A further delay is likely to be terminal as players like Samsung (not involved in YouView) has adopted GoogleTV seemingly as a 'hedge' against the failure of its own technology.

HBB is gathering pace as a standard and a plethora of alternative devices such as IP Vision's Fetch TV are already on the shelves.

Recently, I questioned YouView Chairman Kip Meers about the two screen strategy for YouView and it seems that it does not exist. By the time of its launch people are likely to be talking about nothing else.

There is a rule in technology: 'release early, release often'. In other words, get something out into the marketplace and then perfect it. YouView could do well to abide by this.