Cameron opens Pandora's Box

As a beer fuelled Law Student drifting towards a "desmond" 20 years ago my Law Tutor, Professor Richard Buckley, tried to explain the Rule of Law to me. My recollection remains that the structure of the law must be maintained in order to limit the discretion of the state to act arbitrarily against individuals and to ensure that individuals act coherently and obey the laws consistently.

If we decide to pick & mix the laws the state enforces and that individuals consider they should obey we have a very chaotic state of affairs.

Therefore, even though it makes Mr. Cameron sick to the stomach to give prisoners the vote, it is the law that the UK signed up to as part of our European Deal.

In encouraging defiance of this law he opens the door to anyone who is "sick to the stomach" about anything. Can we as individuals choose to defy the law in respect of local govt cutbacks ? Enforced re-cycling, the BBC license fee etc etc etc.

Whilst it might seem a slightly technical point as the trade unions consider their position re the austerity programme this could provide very useful ammunition.

To finish with the now traditional Friday quote from George Bernard Shaw;

"A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always rely on the support of Paul".