DEA 2010 - act in haste repent at leisure

As the debates go on between the PR heavy ISP's and the Govt re; the DEA it seems unfortunate that the basic positive intentions of the legislation are being sidelined.

The purpose of the rushed through DEA was to protect the owners of intellectual property in this new digital era - and to bring our law to some degree in line with existing European Legislation such as the WIPO Copyright treaty.

The "pirate ecosystem" can be best managed through the targeting of the pirates who are running a business through these means - not really by spying on the consumer in an Orwellian fashion......even though all the ISP's do it anyway.

To avoid this statute being a spectacular white elephant (the cost model built in for notification kills it stone dead) the relevant ministers need to look at the realities of the marketplace.

Drifting off point for a moment there has been much criticism of the Big Society but there is a lot to be optimistic about here because David Cameron's clear support for this shows he may be a rare breed and actually a man of principle.