Digital Economy Act dead

Rumours are circulating that the Digital Economy Act may be heading back to Parliament and is effectively dead.
The lobbyists for the ISP's and Distributors will be pretty pleased about that - the content creators and owners less so.
The creative industries account for about 8% of GDP (about the same as financial services) and need the protection of copyright, trademark and patent law.
David Cameron (as reported by Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph) is considering a relaxation of these laws so they are fit for the internet age - if anything they need to be tighter and clearer.
Google are "borrowing" everyone else's content and making money on the back of it - in video on YouTube and text via search - much like the pirates the content business is great if you can avoid all the risk and cost of original production.

A quote for Friday from Simon Cameron which seems quite appropriate given the big media stories this week;

"An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought"