Nite Nite BBC...

Don't you just love the BBC ? The grow their empire by adding ever more channels, and then they don't bother to put anything on them! BBC 3 and 4 don't start transmitting until 7pm, so why not just stick all the content on VoD ?

Their latest mad idea is to stop transmitting overnight. Apparently, this costs them £150m a year. Yes, you read that correctly, the figure I read today in The Times was £150m!

What the heck do they do for this, since the programmes are all either repeats or Open University programmes, or repeats with signing for the deaf...?

So, is this the BBC's way of saying that educating is going from the Rethian edict (to inform, educate and entertain) and that they're no longer committed to minorities ? Or are they seriously going to waste precious airtime and the vast expense of satellite systems ?

How about they hand over that budget to anyone else in the country - I'm pretty confident they could halve the budget and transmit content people want to see.

And what will they do with the savings ? Hire more useless managers and lazy journalists, I suspect.

The rest of us might be coping with a recession but the BBC gravy train moves on regardless...!