Why Is BBC News So Bad ?

Rolling news is one thing, but watching BBC news is just deja vu. Day after day, they run the same news stories, morning, noon and night, and often from one day to the next. This could be fine for an impoverished local news channel, but why can't the BBC get with the developing story ?

BBC coverage of the Japanese crisis has been laughable next to ITV, who managed to get correspondents to the front line.

Of course, despots around the world see them as a grave enemy, so this does not help, but watching evening news one day and seeing the same reports recycled through breakfast news, lunchtime news and the following day's evening news is depressing.

And realising that, although we pay hundreds of millions to this organisation, almost all of the pictures we see come from local agencies, AFP or AP is depressing. All we get from the BBC are camera phone images from a hundred miles away from the action.

The rhetoric may be 'unbiased' but the BBC has spent a generation turning news into a self-serving medium.

So why do we pay for this crap ?