Caveat Emptor

So, Fujitsu are going to invest billions into a rural broadband network. No one could be happier at this prospect than me.

However, you have to remember that the air force with only eight ground strike aircraft now we're in a ground strike war, and an army with no protective equipment, are largely the result of a gouging contract awarded by the utter morons at the MoD to, er, Fujitsu, where no other company can sell any IT to these morons. So, Fujitsu charge a small fortune for the most mundane task.

No other company has leeched this country more than Fujitsu, but since we don't have any journalists any more who are capable of doing anything more than phone hacking and writing critiques of strictly come dancing, they have, quite literally, got away with murder.

I really want rural broadband, but, please, not from this company....