Face Off

I've been called an idiot over many things, but my prediction that Facebook would become the biggest video destination site drew more ridicule than anything I believe that I've ever blogged about or said in public.

However, it's now the fourth biggest video destination in the US and the fastest growing video destination in the world.

This awful, dreadful website will become the main place most of its proponents watch telly or video in the future for the simple reason that it is fast becoming the internet.

Yet, in its recent 'upgrade' it managed to break pretty much all video services as it tried to replace its dreadful FBML with proper HTML. Officially, it remains in denial.

But, like Microsoft and Google before it Facebook doesn't have to give a sh*t about anyone because it has 'critical mass'.

The real world's dependency on a few websites such as Google and Facebook is fast becoming depressing.

For those of us involved in video, at least give us a proper framework we can work within, or adopt one of the many standards that exist (instead of, once again, inventing your own).