My Virtual Friends

On a Friday afternoon, after the battles of the week have been fought and the email trails away, one of the things I do is to browse around some of the online systems I use to track any link or friend requests, or messages, that I missed and, lo and behold, today I discovered a nugget.

Now, the creation of avirtars (virtual online identities) is becoming so mainstream that I get around ten or so invites a week from the creations of PR companies and online marketing types... Most are transparent and can be tracked down in a couple of clicks, but some are very sophisticated and take a while to be thrown into the bogus bin along with "employment consultants".

But today I came across a new trend - the reinvention of historical characters within social networks. My 'People who you might know' on LinkedIn threw up both Sherlock Holmes and Ernest Hemingway. Excellent!

So, I can retire into the weekend in the knowledge that I keep great company. If only they weren't fictional or dead...