An Apple A Day Makes..

My workplace in central London is just around the corner from where Scientologists try and pick up victims for their religious pyramid scheme, and ironically close go a major Apple dealer who work with similar precepts.

Now, I owned a Mac long before a PC and used to be a fan a few decades ago. But am I the only one to find them sinister ? And also to be really annoyed with their shoddy software. Most apps on my iPad seem to crash now on a daily basis - especially Apple's own excuse for a browser, Safari. Their computers are three times more expensive than they should be. iTunes sucks.

Indeed, my natural instinct now is to distrust anyone with a Mac as a point of principle.

(My iPad managed to delete a long rant that I wrote here....)

This company has a long way to fall very soon, in my opinion.

Hey, maybe the next step is for the Scientologists and Macheads to merge and create a new digerati ruling class where I can be a humble serf again....