The Ballad Of The Stupid Second Son

Trying to get home the other day was tough as President Obama visited London with his entourages, closure of swathes of London and 1,500 travelling staff. We are the modern second estate, after all.

His presence, his speech and his rhetoric in the UK were, frankly, pathetic, in the sense that he used bathos above everything else in a very self conscious plaster-slapping exercise. Someone I hoped would inspire me ended up looking like a liar who stole his lines from history, and the 'British Army cook's grandson' story had the weight of a son of the Blarney, whom he had been a day earlier.

The high , patronising, histrionic tone demands a new response. Why are we still in thrall of these people who lead us time and again over the edge of the cliff ? We would have had no recession if it had not been for America. No Iraq, perhaps, no Afghanistan... Every Briton is paying for the money banked by American derivative and hedge fund managers, and we will keep on paying for decades, let alone the bill provided to the poorest people in our society by our own financial leeches.

Cameron longs for a British Google, yet Google and other American corporations run roughshod over Britain and British values and work to destroy any innovation in the UK. Cameron needs to learn from France and Israel, which are willing to take on the big bully and make their own way in the world.

Our role as the fifty first state needs to be reviewed urgently and immediately.