The Gagged Country

For a country where 'human rights' seems to be the most over-used phrase in any news report, the UK no longer seems to have any freedom of speech. The judicial branch has run amok and now the UK is run by a bunch of seventy year olds from public schools who have no idea of how anything other than their privileged world operates.

Between the libel laws and the super injunctions, you can quickly see how the UK is fast breeding an environment that parallels France, where alleged serious misogynists can get away with dreadful deeds thanks to their 'privacy' laws - the current President of the IMF potentially being a case in point.

Despite being the victim of dirty tricks and character assassination by the BBC (whom I still pay for...) I believe that the likes of millionaire footballers and over-the-top actors should not be protected since they make their living from the public, who therefore own their privacy. If they don't want such intrusion they should either behave or leave the public gaze.

The idea that the Austrain born former Governor of California got away with adultery and fathering a child outside his marriage with a servant is just medieval, and this is the kind of behaviour that the British courts are upholding in the name of 'Europe'.

The UK has a dreadful press, who cheat, bug and make things up, but not allowing them to report on public figures is a total abuse of our human rights as the people who pay for these immoral idiots. My Sky Sports subscription pretty much directly pays for a part of the accused's huge salaries, for example.

Lawyers and the law in the UK are a total disgrace - only affordable by the very richest in society and therefore supporting a total distortion of society. It is high time for serious reform of the legal profession, the courts and the judiciary.