IP Piracy rampant in Russia

As reported yesterday in the FT the CEO of Mail.ru, Dmitry Grishin, has provided his support to Dmitry Medvedev's likely introduction of new legislation to assist rights owners fighting off the the unwelcome advances of the IP pirates.

He stated pretty baldly that when piracy is out of control is is very difficult to support online paid models. For some reason the logic seems to follow that advertising support is therefore the solution.

This seems a little bizarre given that in a world of supply and demand there is more than enough online ad inventory floating around unsold even at very low prices so the revenue models look very skinny from a rights holder perspective. Sponsorship of official sites, given the exclusivity involved, can perform better.

In reality the digital landscape simply needs to be better managed - which can be done as about 65% of infringing materials can be quickly and efficiently taken down using software such as the SnifferDog.