Hulu For Google?

Well, it seems that in the UK we survived the strike by 750,000 self-obsessed and nanaland public workers to the point that it's clear that we can pretty much do without them. So, let's sack them all and cut taxes for the rest of us...

I pay around 15% of my income into my pension - which is actually 30% of my real income, since I'm taxed to the hilt to pay for the 14% of public contributions (i.e. my contributions) that public workers get. I get no contributions from anyone.

For these people to talk about maintaining their unmaintainable benefits to 'keep jobs in the profession' is just dull. Clearly our teachers haven't studied logic, since these people would therefore, er... go into the private sector, with, er.. lower wages, no pensions and no benefits, such as ten weeks of annual holiday. Oh, and they'd have to pay for their former colleagues' largesse.

I recently blogged about how tough it was for young people trying to get into the media industry, and how they carry huge costs from their education and for housing costs.

Obviously middle aged public sector workers will fight their patch, but they are simply being petulant, selfish and short-sighted. Not the qualities I would want in a school teacher, for example.