Apple Of My Eye

Stellar results from Apple again and something I'm noticing more and more is how many people walking the streets are using iPhones. The company's success is visible.

So, Jobs' decision not to support Flash seems not to have damaged the platform a lot (although the Puffin browser actually does a decent job of this).

And it's even forcing my hand. We recently took the decision to drop the Flash version of VZPlayer (the player has worked in dynamic mode for over a year now) in favour of a purely HTML5 version.

The VidZapper dev team has been doing a brilliant job rewriting a player and the VidZapper player builder using just HTML5 and the results are impressive.

Along with using http as a protocol and mp4 as a container/codec it looks like we've managed to normalise the madness that is compatibility in the internet TV space.

Now let's hope that Google doesn't go in the opposite direction with WebM...