Bonfire Of The Vanities

Once upon a time there were three little companies. One was born in Seattle, developed some clever software and was bought by a big giant called Comcast. Another was born in London and then crossed the ocean to the US until a big bald ugly monster with glasses ate it up and destroyed it because he was stupid. Another bounced out of its pouch in Australia and went from continent to continent until an American cowboy jumped on its back and went from one place to another getting more and more money and grew a great big heard, but it kept on spilling money out of its pockets. Indeed, it was so careless that hundreds of millions of dollars were lost.

But still village idiots gave the company, that was no longer little, more money and it grew and grew and every time the money invested seemed very big they would take a nought off the end to make everyone feel better. And everyone breathed a sigh of relief and smiled because things looked so much better then.

And the company promised that they would make gold, but never managed to do so, but no one cared because they liked the story, and that was much more important than gold to the village idiots.

And it all goes to show that making gold isn't important if you can tell a great tale of how you might make more gold since there are so many fools with gold in the world who are greedy for more. loses $20,000,000 a quarter, VidZapper makes a hefty profit every quarter.