The Passing Of An Inspiration

It's with sad regret that I have to announce the death of Peter Siddall, the former Chairman of Narrowstep, and my father in law.

Peter was a tall, elegant and highly eloquent gentleman who built his career through the marketing and ad business and ended up running the Parker Pen Co and then the Papermate division for Gilette.

After his retirement he agreed to Chair the NASDAQ company I ran, Narrowstep, and was always a wise and conscientious counsel.

I first met him when I turned up at his house in Sussex in my convertible blue TVR, his daughter in my passenger seat. He was just revving up his 69 blue Corvette convertible and a lifelong friendship was established.

His speech on my wedding day is still recalled fondly by all present and his support at Narrowstep, along with his close friend Dennis Edmonds, enabled us to take internet TV to a new level.

Peter's heart was always in his beloved Parker Pens, but, for a purveyor of the traditional art of writing, he got digital better than anyone. Indeed, his very last request was for and iPad 2. Unfortunately he passed away before it arrived...

Peter, thank you for everything.