A Pirate's Life..

So, half an hour before one of the biggest boxing events of the decade and I’ve decided to see if I can watch it for free.

So, first stop is a Google search. watch haye v klitschko online brings up the Telegraph and then watch hayevklitschko online.com, which tells you all you need to know about Google…

However, the website is down.

Yahoo and Facebook also have some links, but the links from the links end up nowhere…

A link from About.com went to http://www.stream2watch.com, and this did link to the feed, but it was swamped and buffered badly.. (as well as having feeds from the kind of racists I thought had long disappeared…). Proves that P2P doesn't work..

However, it took under ten minutes to find a working pirate feed rather than paying Sky £20.