Waiting For A Showdown

This evening sees one of the largest TV pay per view events in British history as
David Haye takes on Wladimir Klitschko live on Sky pay per view.

Now, I have no idea what Sky has put into place to prevent piracy, but if the evidence I'm seeing from my colleagues at Klipcorp is right, they will probably lose a huge percentage of their potential revenue to internet piracy, as people connect their TVs to a PC and steal the Sky coverage.

The irony is, if past Klipcorp data is anything to go by, adverts bought by Sky and their ad agency will often be the medium used by the pirates to subsidised their piracy. Virgin Media, Groupon, Google and Lebara Mobile are also other major companies whose adverts are used by pirates to subsidise their illegal transmissions, with Google being the worst perpetrator by far.

Now, this all falls into a gray area until you start adding trademarks. Klipcorp have had very clear legal advice from the UK's leading barristers that subsidising trademark infringement, such as Sky's logo or the IBF or WBO marks are criminal offences that could result in Sky or Google executives being sent to jail. Far more immediate and censurable than any copyright infringement. Ironically, in Sky's case, for contravening the trademark of their employers, staff could be jailed.

The media agencies involved in this scam, whereby they support rights infringements, IP contraventions and trademark infringements, should be quaking in their boots... MediaCom, for one, should be tackling this mess, but they aren't. They'll still be quaffing champers at Soho House or The Hospital until the first visit by the boys in blue and they realise that they're never going to be gainfully employed again. You have been warned...