What a stinker

In the fine IPTV times tradition (especially on a friday) of swerving away from matters connected in any way to IPTV it seemed entirely right to offer a few pearls on the phone hacking issue. Clearly from a political perspective David Cameron has released the grossest "fart under the duvet" as a consequence of his dinners etc with News Corp and perceived lack of impartiality on the BskyB takeover. Jeremy Hunt is now in a no win situation.

However one of the most unpleasant aspects of the tabloid press has been trial by media. The idea peddled by totalitarian dictators throughout history that there is no smoke without fire. Being accused of something is a very different matter, or should be, to being found guilty. Therefore the legal process should be allowed to proceed and judgement should be suspended until there is an outcome.

If it turns out that politicians, media and the police acted in concert on an illegal basis (as determined in a court) for profit / power or both then the stench from under the duvet may turn out to be emanating from something more substantial than a fart.