Dear Eric

At your MacTaggart address in Edinburgh this evening you criticised the British education system: that's great for someone from a country where the majority of the population deny evolution - including some of those running for the highest post in the country.

And apparently the UK can't build world class companies. Well, no, not with companies like Google offering free services and undermining business in sectors from publishing to broadcasting to navigation.

There's nothing wrong with offering free services per se, but using tax avoidance to subsidise them is morally wrong. Pay your UK taxes, Eric!

Then there is the way that you run roughshod over rights - I watched you destroy the nascent narrowcasting market in the UK by allowing wholesale piracy on your YouTube platform. And even though you now act like a broadcaster you're still not regulated in the same way as UK broadcasters are.

Then there's your monopoly over online advertising in the UK. Being lectured on enterprise by a monopolist is galling.

So, even if I agreed with much of what you said, a man in a glass house should not be throwing stones at his neighbour.