Hunt's Pipe Dream

With all that the Tories have done to the UK it seems almost churlish to criticise Jeremy Hunt's local TV 'baby'. There are enough reasons to get these awful politicians exiled from our shores forever before looking at their misconceived media policies.

Local TV and specialist TV stations could survive in the UK if American pirates like Google, Ustream and were Regulated like UK companies are. But these tax and cheats and pirates are actively supported by the Tories.

And the idea to base licences on where there are multiplex gaps is just barking. The result is a hotchpotch of 'pioneer' areas that will have Freeview airtime, and where anyone else will be expected to launch on the Internet. The later will have a firm advantage anyway.

These are the initial areas Random or what ?

The ideas, the thinking, are half baked as ever from our amateur leaders and their goggled eyed love of anything American.

What the Government should be doing is creating a level playing field by properly regulating (under OFCOM) and taxing Google and its American ilk, then innovative British companies like VidZapper and Inskin Media will have a chance in the international marketplace.

What is it that makes intelligent people like Hunt and Cameron fall so in love with monopolistic American tax cheats, even after the NewsCorp affair ?

And then they hope half baked ideas like the local TV concept has any hope...