The New World Order

So, China won't censure Sudan over genocide or, indeed, speak up over all the other countries where they are subsidising terror and malgovernance, or indeed, using bad government for their own ends.

However, they do have an opinion on US sovereign debt. That is , the debt they accumulated as they sold more iPods and other useless shit to stupid Americans. But they are the idiots. They paid for this with their own currency, which they insisted should be pegged against their biggest customers' currency.

The old adage goes : you owe the bank a hundred dollars and you have a problem, but if you owe the bank a billion dollars they have a problem...

China has a problem, and America reigning in its spending would spend the Chinese economy into freefall. The Chinese should be supporting a Keynsian approach to solving the US's deficit problems.

But it's also so obvious that the Americans are under-taxed - especially those earning more than $100k a year. Let every American be clear that almost all of their tax receipts will be going directly to China now thanks to Bush Jnr's debts.

What does the Tea Party movement have to say on this ?