Don't You Yahoo! ?

Back in the day, the sacking of Yahoo!'s CEO would have been seen as major, major news. Now the company has somehow become an irrelevance and the revolving door of CEOs reflects increasingly badly on a Board without direction or strategy.

I've been quite a user of Yahoo!'s services down the years - my personal email is still with Yahoo! as is my photo collection with Flickr, which I regard as being vastly superior to other offerings (albeit expensive these days).

But Yahoo! Messenger disappeared from my life overnight as Skype got to a tipping point. And this has been the problem with Yahoo! - an inability to leverage yesterday's technology into tomorrow's world.

The company famously paid billions for, but is nowhere in the audio or video market; Yahoo! owns Overture (formerly GoTo) which invented the ad matching business model that has made Google so much money. And as for social...

So, along with another internet stalwart, AOL, Yahoo! is fast becoming a yesterday company and it's going to be a heck of a challenge for someone to turn it around.

But perhaps the best hint is the app world - many of Yahoo!'s products would work well on an app/in app basis, but then there's the lack of content - YahooAOL, perhaps ? Of course, it'll never happen...