Facebook Aspires To Become MySpace

Ok, the 'major announcement' at f8 didn't actually take the social media giant directly in MySpace's direction, but did highlight deals with the likes of Spotify, Netflix and Vevo.

Facebook have crunched the numbers and realised that they need more 'engagement' as they begin to peak out in Europe, and nothing gives you more engagement than film, TV and music.

But my take is that this strategy is upside down and very dangerous for the partners involved.

One thing is certain, they will have an easier time engaging with the content industry than Google, who appear far too threatening. but will Glee see its first run on Facebook any time soon ? I think not.

Facebook is all about the second screen. The need to embed content in the eyes of users is minimal. I can happily watch a show and Tweet about it with friends with no need for any programatical connection, likewise I can like 'like' the programme on Facebook without any technical umbilical, API or interface.

Just as major initiatives from the telly world like YouView ignored the advent of the second screen, so the Internet world is wrong not to use this as the central philosophy of its content strategy.

The great big audience out there has an uncanny way of selecting 'horses for courses', and whereas I have long stated that Facebook will become a major video destination, I'm not convinced by idea of embedding content in social networks.

But there again I don't run a company valued at forty times its revenue...