Ignorance, Sometimes, Is Bliss

Now I didn't study science beyond sixteen, so I am very much an amateur when commenting on these affairs, but physics has always struck me as somewhat of a dichotomy, and today it seems that this may actually be proven correct.

The discovery that particles may be able to travel beyond the speed of light by an Italian lab throws into question Einstein's theory of relativity. Ironically (and as far as I can tell, physicists don't do irony even when they're postulating the thirteenth dimension), this has the implication that cause and effects can be reversed. Which is precisely how physics operates. In all other sciences, empirical research informs knowledge. In physics, theories are espoused and then massive infrastructural programmes are undertaken to try and prove these theories (see Higgs Boson, for example).

So, finally, E=?MC2... Perhaps Wordsworth was right - 'we murder to dissect'.

It's left me reflecting that, no matter how complex we make this world of ours, we really don't know or understand anything yet.