My Horrible, Disjointed World

I'm frustrated.

After all of this time, after all of the rhetoric, the innovation, the promises, the business models. After all the money that is spent every day on the business of media, why, oh why does it all seem so bad for me as a consumer?

The biggest disappointment of my life has been owning the much vaunted Tivo box. It is crap. Changing a screen looses the video and the whole interface goes into 'spin mode' sometimes for thirty seconds ? It's dealing with tiny amounts of data over a 50Mbps link. Why is it so dreadful ?

Then there's content. A friend was berating how he had to now pay ESPN as well as Sky to get football content. But the reality is that live soccer on TV is spread over around ten channels on BBC, ITV Five, Sky and ESPN. Trying to track down any individual match has spawned a web industry of its own.

I'm not going to go off on those ridiculous remote controls again...

Why does it have to be so bad ? I guess the only answer is that more people are incentivised to provide bad user experiences (Aple's dreadful iTunes store being a case in point) than a good one.

There's a small, naive, romantic part of me that hankers after that time when three channels were more than enough.

Perhaps more is fast becoming less.