BT sharpens up

It seems that Ian Livingston, Chief Executive of BT, is very much getting to grips with the formerly slow moving telecoms giant.

Although it is easy to poke fun at the recent initiatives for sharper spades to speed up installation of the high speed infinity broadband product this really does show focus on end user delivery - which is where BT tend to have stumbled before.

Since BT really own the backbone network they should be in the best position to capitalise on the shift to high bandwidth services. This has been true for the last 10 years but up to now BT has not capitalised.

I am about to sign up for the infinity product and will be connecting the biggest TV I can find to it to see how it looks with live / on demand streams compared to existing TV products plus some extra fun on the audio side with connection to my NAD pre-amp and Cambridge Audio poweramp. Fun for me; perhaps less so for my family..............