2012 - The Year Of Internet TV ?

As someone who's been espousing internet TV since 1997, the above headline might be surprising to those of you who have know me during this time.

But, finally, it all seems, well, more mainstream, doesn't it...

It's been a busy old start to a new year, with some of the announcements to date being obvious, but others a bit surprising.

Microsoft admitted that it couldn't afford to launch a content service that would be profitable. (So, how come Apple can ? It shows how far ahead Apple are in the domestic market). Google hasn't bother with service and instead claims that half of all tellies sold this year will carry its Google TV platform.

Netflix has arrived in the UK to a great big yawn, but it has resulted in a price war that should be good for all use viewers.

Meanwhile, everyone wants  be a broadcaster - from Sony to Philips. Companies that used to have a sensible place in the supply chain now fawn and preen over ownership of the interface; hardly surprising when you can buy a sophisticated smart 42" screen with the power to run a web browser that's been shipped half way around the world, taken a retailer markup and sales tax, for under £500!

CES was, meanwhile, evolutionary not revolutionary, with LG's new 55" OLED TV was my show favourite, and Vizio's $99 streaming box leading the vanguard for Google TV (but I still don't want Facebook and Twitter on my telly, thanks... I want them on my phone whilst I'm watching the telly).

And of course, everyone's just waiting for Apple TV..

It's going to be a busy old year as more and more TV becomes internet TV... But will the consumer care as they struggle to keep their jobs and hang onto their Sky/Comcast subscription ?